THE SPARKLE TEAM would LOVE to have you come visit


us for crafts, glamour and more! 


Please visit the home page for open studio hours. We have extended hours for school breaks. Please make appointments during store hours for Hair and Nail Services. You can walk in during store hours for crafts!


We never have a STUDIO fee, you pay by craft



DIY POP crafts:

Lotion, Sparkles, Lip gloss: $7 


Sparkle Bracelets: $12.99 


Pottery: $12.99-$22


DIY POP Soap: $18 


Board Painting: $18 


Batch from Scratch: Please Reserve a Table: 914-358-3623. 


Lip Gloss Batch from Scratch: $38 per batch 

35 minutes to make, makes 10 jars of gloss. Reserve a Table 


Sugar Scrub Batch from Scratch:

$68 per batch 

55 minutes to make, makes 10 jars of scrub. Reserve a Table. 


SOAP Batch from Scratch: $50 per batch: 

40 minutes to make. 6 Unique Fun Bars ( suggested for 8 years old and up. 




Hair Glam

(Feather or Jewels in Hair): $5 

Sparkle Manicure: $15 

Sparkle Tattoo: $5 

Shimmer Me Shine Makeup: $12.99


Makeup Lesson and Application 12 plus: $25 

Glamour by Appointment 






OPEN STUDIO HOURS for Crafts and Glamour Appointments: 


Thursday: 2:30-5:30 

Friday: 2:00-4:30 
Saturday: 10:30-1:00  


Pressed for time?

We'll call you!

Party Booking

Walk in crafts, glamour by appointment


Other day's and times are for scheduled parties and events.  Always call to see we may have time in between parties to accommodate you and would love to have you visit. 

Please note, we are located inside of Grand Prix New York. 

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