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The difference is our parties sparkle!


The Difference is….Our Parties Sparkle!


Let our expert event planners and Sparkle Team create an unforgettable experience for the Birthday Child. 


Call to speak with one of our sparkle event coordinators to plan your party! (877) WE-SPARKLE. We will make suggestions and walk through the sparkly details with you. Parties for 3 plus years old. 


ON-SITE: Prices do not include tax or service charge. We have party slots for every day except Mondays and Tuesdays. 





$399 for 10 Children / $30 per additional Guest 

If you have over 25 children please contact a sparkle coordinator to discuss 


Choose your Craft from 1 of the following options:

  • Soap

  • Jewelry

  • Canvas Painting (8 + years old) 

  • 2 POP Crafts

  • Pottery Painting

  • Board Painting (6 + years old) 

  • Batch from Scratch (7 + years old) 


Choose your Glamour Service:

  • Sparkle Lip Application

  • Sparkle Tattoo

  • Hair Glam (Jewels or a feather in your hair) 


Parties Include: 1.5 Hour Party, Entire Sparklicious Party room for the duration of your party, Set up, Clean up, Sparkle Team Party Hosts,  Sparkle E-vites, Dancing and Games, Birthday Banner, Goodie Bag for crafts to go home in (Please note that pottery does not go home that day, your sparkle team coordinator will contact the party host to pick up for everyone, 7-10 days after your scheduled party), Sparkle Team Coordinator, and a Sparklicious Tee-Shirt for the guest of honor. 

When you add food through our Grand Prix Facility a 1/ 2 hour is automatically added to your party time. Please note: You are assigned an area in Grand Prix for eating. 





$399 for 8 Children / $40 per additional Guest 

Shine On: Max 14 Children 



  • Full Sparkle Manicures

  • Hair Glam (feather or jewels in your hair)

  • Shimmer Me Shine Make up

  • Make your own Sparkly Bracelet

  • Make your own POP craft (lotion, lip gloss or sparkles)


Party Includes: 1.5 Hour Party, Entire Sparklicious room for the duration of your party, Set up, Clean up, Sparkle Coordinator, Sparkle Team, E-vites, Dancing and Games, Birthday Banner, Goodie Bag for crafts to go home in, Sparklicious Tee-Shirt for the guest of honor. When you add food through our Grand Prix Facility a 1/2 hour is automatically added to your party time. Please note: You are assigned an area in Grand Prix for eating.





$300 for 10 children /$25 per additional Guest 


Party Includes: 1 Hour Party, Dancing and Games, Birthday Banner, Entire Sparklicious room for the duration of your party, Clean up and Set up, Sparkle team party host, E-vites. Make your own lip gloss, lotion or sparkles. Sparkle Tattoo for everyone. Goodie Bags to bring the fun home in. When you add food through our Grand Prix Facility a 1/ 2 hour is automatically added to your party time. Please note: You are assigned an area in Grand Prix for eating. 





A CUSTOMIZED in-store party including all that you love about Sparklicious. Please inquire with our sparkle team event coordinators. 





From a Start to finish, SPARKLE PARTY to Sparkle Stations! Number of children per package depends on the package chosen below. Tax and Service Charge not included in price. Please call for details! These prices are for Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT. If you are out of this region, please discuss with your party coordinator. 


Sparkle Party (call for details) 

$555/ Sparkle Team for entertaining the children for full 1.5 hour party. Start to finish Party! Team is at your home longer with set up/ breakdown etc..  (package for 15 children) 


OFF-Site Stations

   Pick 1 station, 1 hour: $335 

   Pick 2 stations, 1 hour: $ 525 

   Pick 3 Stations: 1 hour, $725 


Please discuss with a sparkle coordinator the stations that you can do together. This depends on the amount of children, age etc... 


  • Bracelet Making Station  (15 children) 

  • Hair Glam Station  (12 children) 

  • Face Painting Station (15 children) 

  • Pottery Painting Station (15 children) 

  • Canvas Painting Station  (12 children) 

  • Makeup and Tricks Station (12 children) 

  • POP station, make a lotion, lip gloss or sparkles (15 children) 

  • Nail Station (12 children) 

  • Sparkle Tattoo Station (25 Children) 

  • Slime Making Station (12 children)

  • Batch from Scratch (12 children) 


You may add on children at an additional cost, please discuss with a coordinator. If you have fewer children with certain stations, then the station is priced for, we will add in extra fun for smaller groups. 





Earn a fun badge and a GS requirement badge. Please call for details 914-358-3623. We can have events at our space or we will come to you!



The Sparkle Team creates a one of a kind, BEST, EVER party!


Our Sparkly Parties are sure to be your child’s best party ever.  We can host parties at our location or bring the sparkles to your home or venue of choice.  Parents sit back and relax while our experts plan and run the perfect party for your child.




You may bring cupcakes and cake at 15 dollar charge that will include cutting/ paper goods etc.. If you add food through our Grand Prix Facility there is no charge for bringing the cake or cupcakes. No other food or beverage is allowed. If you add food a 1/2 hour is automatically added to your party and an area is assigned for your party in our Grand Prix Facility. DECORATIONS and BALLOONS are not ALLOWED to be brought into Sparklicious ( please see add on's). 


A non-refundable Deposit is taken at the time of booking. Parties will not be credited back but you may move the date with 14 day notice at a $50 transfer date fee. Final Add on’s and details will be taken when a party coordinator reaches out to you the Monday before your party. The Birthday child is counted in your final count. Our party coordinators are happy to make suggestions for the party package chosen based on age, amount of children etc… We ask for drop off of guests for our parties. We have large glass windows where guest parents can see all of the sparkle fun happening! Our parties start for ages 3 and up. We have a policy in the event of a family emergency, sickness, weather etc. please see contact terms. Please read your contract at the time of booking.





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 On-Site Party Add-on's

  • Food through Grand Prix New York


  • Pop Craft (Lotion, Lip Gloss, Sparkles or Bath Slime) ($6/craft) 


  • Additional Glamour Service ($5/child)  


  • Goodies to Go


  • Pick your own Mini Cupcake Bath Bomb ($6.50 each) 

  • Pick your own Slime ($8 each)

  • Pick your own Polish ($8 each)  


  • Sweetalicious Candy Cart ($2.50/child) 


  • Wrapped gift card to come back for a Manicure during open store hours ($10 each) 


  • Lip Gloss wrapped with Candy ($5) 


  • Balloons $18 per dozen Latex


  • Mylar Balloons $3.50 and up

  • Arcade Cards $5 / $10

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