Alyssa and Kristin are the founders of Sparklicious. They are also sisters, best friends and teammates in all that they do.  Each of them has a unique role in the business, having a

13-year age gap between the two offers a one of a kind twist to the sparkle experience. They also have different backgrounds, Kristin has a master’s degree in Childhood Psychology and Alyssa has a bachelor’s in Communications and Business. Kristin is a mom to 3 girls and Alyssa is the fun, young, cool aunt.


Growing up in the 80’s, Kristin can remember the Children’s Party Center that their mother owned.  She explains that seeing her mom working was a huge inspiration and that she can remember the feeling of how proud she was of her mom.  Some of Kristin’s favorite childhood memories were built in that party center, seeing the kids’ faces light up during their party and being side by side with her mom. In 2000, Kristin went off to college and Alyssa went off to Kindergarten all in the same year.  Alyssa remembers her favorite childhood memories being when Kristin would come home from College and they would be in their parent’s garage creating, mixing, doing arts and crafts projects.  She remembers Kristin showing her the “idea book” and telling her "one day we will open our own store, we will empower young girls and make the coolest crafts anyone has ever seen, it will be magical".  Alyssa explains that she very much has always looked up to her big sister and she shared this vision, that she couldn’t wait to sparkle with her big sister.


Sparklicious was born in 2014 in the small town of Redding, CT.  The first location was a “test kitchen”.  It was time to find out if all of those ideas in the idea book would work.  It's there that they poured their hearts in and tried out all the different actives and fun that the sisters had been putting in their book for over a decade. The Customers LOVED it.


Before crafts hit the store, they are first tried out by Kristin’s little girls.  They are the best critics.  Kristin and Alyssa explain that they are now part of their girl team, along with their mom.  This powerful group of women and girls are delivering the best with a lot of heart, GIRL POWER!  The best part is that the girls look up to us just like Kristin looked up to her mom and the way Alyssa was proud of Kristin. The community has adopted the message of “Kindness makes you sparkle” and look up to the amazing Sparkle Team as an example of being all that you can be, be kind, be you and you will sparkle!

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